How to Limit the Amount of Time Spent on a Website

Google Chrome offers many great extensions and plugins for its users which can be used to enhance their productivity online. One such chrome  extension is Stay Focused which helps web surfers improve their productivity online. Stay Focused lets users dedicate part of their working day to the websites they visit in leisure time and when the allocated time is up, the websites are blocked for the rest of the day.

For example, if a software programmer has allocated 2 hours a day for Facebook, after he uses Facebook for two hours (whether in chunks of 20-25 minutes each or a single 2 hours sitting), Facebook will be blocked on Google Chrome for the rest of the day.

Installing Stay Focused is the same as with all Chrome extensions.


Once installed, you can access the icon to setup Stay Focused.


Clicking the Stay Focused icon popups a dialog box which shows the time you’ve spent on the particular website in the current tab.


You can set the time allowed per day for a website from the settings page and once you’ve set the time, whenever you visit the website the timer will automatically count down and when the countdown ends, the website will be blocked from access. The icon shows the time remaining in animation.


As soon as the time is up, a notification comes up blocking the website and asking you to actually work.


The settings page on stay focused lets you set the amount of time you allocate for each website, maintain blocked and allowed websites.


A special nuclear option is also available in the settings page which will disable ALL websites on Chrome web browser after a set amount of time.


Stay Focused is a great way to optimize the time you spend online and is a recommended extension for everyone.

Download StayFocusd for Google Chrome