How to Import Facebook Contacts into LinkedIn

A lot of readers who are new to LinkedIn posted this question to us – How to Import Facebook Contacts? Now it would have been very simple if Facebook maintained an email database which we could download (like .csv) LinkedIn needs email addresses to import. Therefore, the need for this guide.

We will take advantage of Yahoo for this guide to import Facebook contacts to LinkedIn. Almost all of us have a Yahoo email account.

Follow these steps:


  • Now, click on the Facebook Icon. Login to Facebook and click on Okay when requested for permission.


  • Let Yahoo import all your contacts. Once done you will see the following screen informing you about successful import.



Now the rest of the process is very simple. Just login to Yahoo and you are good to go. You can also use other Facebook applications available online to automate this process but I personally rely on this method as it’s quick and easy. Also, I know what’s going on with my list of contacts.

So, use this simple guide to import Facebook contacts into LinkedIn and don’t forget to share your feedback.