How to Hide Files & Folders From Spotlight Search on Mac

This tutorial will show you how to hide any file or folder Spotlight search results. Spotlight privacy settings, once configured, will keep your personal data safe from prying eyes.

You might have often noticed that when you search for files and folders on your Mac using Spotlight(Cmd+Space) some results unintentionally crop up in the results. Here’s a simple solution to enable spotlight privacy.

Follow these steps to Hide files/folders from Spotlight:

  • Search anything in Spotlight(Cmd+Space) and click on Spotlight Preferences Link in the bottom.
  • The first tab displays various categories. Use this list to hide content like Mail messages, contacts & certain file types such as Images, PDF files etc.


  • Now getting back to hiding specific files.
  • Click on the Privacy Tab. Here is the list of files and folders which Spotlight will skip during searching. So click on the plus button at the bottom of the list to add anything to the list.


  • You can put all your personal data in one folder and just add the folder to this list so that they are not displayed in results.

Simple enough, right! If you have more Mac related queries feel free to use the new CAG Help forum.

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