How to Get Refund for iPhone App Purchased Accidentally

In case you purchased an iPhone app by mistake or it does not work properly you can claim a refund from Apple by using this tutorial. Apple cares a lot about its customers and if you have a genuine reason then you will be able to return the iPhone app and get refund. This approach will also work for apps purchased using iPad or iPod Touch – any iOS device in general.

Before we proceed with this tutorial, I would like to appreciate how Apple cares about these small tidbits and customer service. These are one of many reasons why I love my Mac and iPhone and also why Apple has been rated top brand in Customer Satisfaction five times in a row.

There are two methods to claim your refund for iPhone apps purchased from the App Store. One is using iTunes and the other via Apple’s website. You should try the iTunes approach first as it will provide more information to the iTunes support team and enable faster responses.

App store icon1

Claim Refund for iPhone App via iTunes:

Launch iTunes and go to iTunes Store.┬áIn case you haven’t logged in already login to your iTunes account and Select View my Account from the Store Menu.

You can also do this by clicking on your email in top right corner and then on Account.

Screen shot 2011 03 20 at 10 06 08 PM

Now, on the Account page, click on Purchase History.

Itunes account purchase history

From the list of purchases, click on the icon on the left of the App you want to report.

Itunes app store refund for iphone app 1

On the next screen click on Report a Problem.

Itunes app store refund for iphone app 2

Select the reason why you want to return the iPhone app purchased from the App Store.

Itunes app store refund for iphone app 3

If you have accidentally purchased iPhone apps then select “I inadvertently purchased this application” In case the app does not work as described by the developer, you can select that reason as well. However, for problems with app’s functionality you will be first requested to contact the developer and not be refunded immediately.

Leave any other comments in the next field. The iTunes support team will then review your case and if genuine you will be refunded. You should expect a reply in 48 hours.

Claim Refund for iPhone App via Apple’s Websites:

Click here to access the iTunes Store Customer Service Form.

Itunes store customer service

Fill in all the fields, and under specific request select the appropriate reason just like we did via iTunes.

Itunes store customer service 2

You will receive an automated response from Apple within an hour saying your complaint has been received. You should expect a response from an Apple service official within 48 hours.

Have you tried these methods yet? If yes, how did it work out for you and how do you like this initiative about better customer service by Apple?