How to Get Google Voice DialPad in gTalk

This tutorial is for people who earlier got tired like me in search of Google dialpad to make Google voice call.Earlier we shared tutorial to get free US based phone number and use Google Voice in any country outside US including India. Not all users need incoming call or SMS facility in Google Voice and instead only make free outgoing calls to US/Canada. So, here’s a very simple method which will allow you to make outgoing calls using Google Voice. Easiest hack ever.

If you want Incoming facility too, use following tutorial: How to Get Free Google Voice Account for India and Any country in the world

If you try accessing Google voice normally using your browser from outside USA, you will get an error message saying service not available in your country.

Google Voice DialPad

So now we’ll make use of a simple proxy trick using HotSpot VPN service. This is very easy trick and any novice can perform it. There are just a few easy steps.

How to get GTalk Dialpad:

Go to HotSpot Shield website and click on download. Depending on your Operating system – ┬áMac or Windows the appropriate software will download in a few minutes. Once downloaded install it and run the HotSpot Shield software.

A red icon should appear on your computer. For Mac users it appears in top right corner of screen, and in the Taskbar near the clock for windows users. Click on the icon and then click on Connect.



Once the icon is green consider all your work done. It does take upto two minutes sometimes. Don’t worry just have some patience as the VPN configures itself.

Basically, your are tricking Google to believe that you are from the US and not from India or any other country.

Now, open in your browser. If it’s already open just refreshing the page will do the job. Click on turn on chat in bottom part of page if it’s not on already. You should now be able to see a Call Phones button in the Chat Widget.

google dial pad

That’s it. Now you can make free calls to any US or Canada phone. No limit whatsoever. You can also make calls to other countries but that will be charged. More over you will see Google Voice Dialpad which you don’t see while accessing via Direct IP outside U.S. This gtalk dialpad is very handy when you calling and customer care service.

So, everytime you need to make calls just connect hotspot shield and reload the Gmail page to make calls. Disconnect the VPN after you are done talking.

We have tried this ourselves and this process works every single time that you try it. It’s a fail-proof method as of now. If you used to pay for Skype unlimited US subscription you can save that money now as you have free unlimited calling with Google Voice. Wasn’t this process simple enough? We are always on the lookout for easiest methods to geeky problems so that our readers can benefit.

Feel free to ask via comments if you have any doubts or face any difficulty with the procedure mentioned above.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I have Hotspot installed and was able to see the dialpad under google chat icon. Then I couldn’t see it when I connected to hotspot and gmail again. Why is that? I try to refresh the page but don’t know how?


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