How to Force Quit a Frozen Application on Mac OS X

Earlier we have shared how to Force quit a frozen iPhone application and In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to quit a frozen application in Mac OS X. A lot of times I have found Safari to be unresponsive due to the Flash plugin crashing. Not just Safari, but any other app can unresponsive and when they do you will know just how to force quit them.

The easiest method is to right click on any application’s dock icon with Alt key pressed and then clicking on Force Quit. Apart from this there are two other ways of quitting frozen applications either via the Apple menu or using Activity Monitor. We are going to briefly look at each.

Quitting via Apple Menu or Keyboard Shortcut:

Point your mouse to the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your Mac’s screen and in the drop-down menu that appears click on “Force Quit…”

Force quit mac apps 1

Now from the new windows that appears, select the unresponsive app and then click on Force Quit. In this example it is Safari that is not responding.

Force quit mac apps 3

Force quit mac apps 2

As you can already see for yourself in the first screenshot, this Force Quit window can also be brought up using the keyboard shortcut Command+Alt+Escape. Personally, this is what I find myself doing whenever an app creates trouble. You can also select multiple apps in this list by pressing the Shift key during selection and Force Quit all at once.

Quitting via Activity Monitor:

Launch Activity Monitor using Spotlight search or you can also find it under Applications > Utilities.

Force quit mac apps 4

Select the unresponsive app marked in red and click on Quit process in top left corner. Now click on the Force quit button to end it.

Force quit mac apps 5

For users migrating to Mac from Windows, imagine Activity Monitor as the equivalent of Task Manager in Windows. Force quit does the same thing that End Task does in the realm of Windows apps.