How To Extend Wireless Network at Home

As wireless technology continues to push forward, wired networks are quickly becoming antiquated. Wireless networks allow individuals to connect to the internet over great distances, providing mobile broadband coverage without the need to mount interminably long cables up and down their homes.

Nevertheless, for all their convenience, wireless networks still suffer from bandwidth issues. While the range of a wireless network may extend across the breadth of one’s home, the quality and strength of that signal may diminish greatly depending on one’s location. Today, we will look into some of the easiest way to extend wireless network at your house.

Extend Wireless Network

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If a home is relatively large, has multiple stories or a number of successive walls, it may mitigate signal strength and occasionally cause disconnections. However, many of these problems can be overcome by using a second wireless router or a wireless extender to amplify a weak and diminished signal.

Simple way to extend Wireless network

While an extender, if available from the manufacturer, will simply need to be plugged in, a second wireless router will require some configuration. The following guide will help you set up multiple routers to increase wireless signal strength in your home.

1. Collecting Wireless Network Information

Using the information provided by your router’s manufacturer, login and locate your MAC Address and SSID in the Settings or Wireless Settings menu and write the information down.

2. Connect the Second Wireless Router

Using a network cable, connect the second router to a computer and power it on. Refer to the manual and follow the instructions for setting it up. Be sure the router has a wireless repeater function, or else it will not function as a secondary amplifier.

3. Enabling the Repeater Setting

Once you have logged in to the router, navigate to the Repeater Settings menu. In most cases the repeater function can be turned off and on by clicking a button or placing a check mark beside the option. There will also be a field where you can enter the SSID and MAC Address of the primary router. Save the settings and reboot the router. Now that the wireless connection has been enabled, you can remove the network cable and place the router at a desired location.

4. Place Your Secondary Router

Set your router at a distance from which you want the signal to be augmented, preferably in between the router and the furthest reaches of your home. If the router does not work, or you make a mistake in setting it up, press and hold the reset button for ten seconds. The router will revert to its stock configuration, at which point you may repeat the setup process. Well,  I have used Belkin router for the same purpose and it works great.

I hope these tips would help you to extend wireless network at home or in the office. Do let us know if you enjoyed this, and we will come up with more similar topic.

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  1. Good information, instead of using 2nd router you could have mention access point to extend the wireless network which is meant for extension purpose only and cheaper than a router but anyways thanks for sharing it.

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