How to Disable in-app Purchases on your iPhone

It happens many times that you or anyone else using your iPhone make in-app purchases without you knowing about it. This could end up badly if your iPhone is with your kids or anyone who has no idea about in-app purchases. But, you can easily disable it so that no one can make in-app purchases on your iDevice.


Follow some simple steps below and you will be able to disable in-app purchases on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

1. Go to Settings > General.


2. In the general settings, locate the Restriction settings and tap on it to open.


3. In Restriction settings, you can control the apps and set purchasing limits on different apps installed on your iPhone. There you will see “Enable Restrictions”. Tap on it to enable.


4. It will now ask you to enter a restriction code which will be required upon purchases.


5. Once its enabled, you can control different apps and check which applications can do in-app purchases.


Hope this was helpful.