How to Disable iPhone GPRS Data

If you’ve got yourself an iPhone, then this post will certainly help you one or the other way. Since it’s an iPhone, you’d have obviously opted for an always on GPRS data pack so you can browse the internet and stay connected all the time. Most of the features on the iPhone, except all those games and other apps require internet. Undoubtedly, the Internet experience is amazing with the iPhone. I also have Airtel broadband connection at home and I use it’s wi-fi to connect to Internet. But iPhone gives preference to GPRS connection first and after that wi-fi connection. Hence, you may be wondering how to disable iPhone GPRS, so that you aren’t charged extra money.

Charged extra? How exactly, you must be thinking. Well, the iPhone uses the GPRS data to gather the latest update on weather, emails etc, which may sometimes lead to excessive data being used. More data used, outside the limit means extra charges by the carrier. Here’s a really easy method that allows you to disable iPhone GPRS at any time you want and thus save yourself from being charged extra.

How to Disable iPhone GPRS

This is a really simple solution actually, and all you need to do is switch off GPRS connection. You can switch off the GPRS data when around a wi-fi zone and switch it on while travelling.

On your iPhone, to disable the GPRS connection, you need to follow this simple steps:

  • Go to Settings and tap on General.
  • Now Scroll down and tap on Network.
  • Go to Cellular Data and the turn it off.

disable iphone gprs

That’s it, now too turn your GPRS back on, all you need to switch Cellular data back to On. This is a simple way to disable iPhone GPRS and will be helpful for new iPhone users who want to avoid being charged by their carrier for data usage.

6 thoughts on “How to Disable iPhone GPRS Data”

  1. Hello Harsh,

    Need your help. I have purchase my new iphone4 from U.K. As the phone need microsim, i cut my Old Airtel sim into required size for Iphone4. I am still able to do calling and all other work with my cut Airtel sim except GPRS. I talked in Customer Care, but they said that GPRS will not work with this card because it is breaked.

    So can you please guide my how u made your iphone4 working in India and how you activated GPRS in your phone (i mean please reflect your settings in Iphone4)…Thanks in advance

  2. whats the error you get Leena, when you try to access GPRS. you might need to specify APN in case it doesn’t do it automatically.

  3. Rajat, Iphone4 does not provide the facility to manually configure APN setting, so i did it using Iphone Configuration Utility (server:
    But still when i try to access any internet application.. it says Could not connect to server after few minutes

  4. Hello Harsh,

    I am facing the same problem as Leena is facing!!!!I have bought a cracked iphone 4 from U.K and I am not able to access the GPRS using it!!!Is there any way to use the GPRS on iPhone 4.

    Could you please let us know??

    Thank you,

  5. ofcourse the iPhone 4 allow the feature to manually configure the APN. it’s just that in the case of an official provider(which in this case Airtel is) the sim card automatically assigns the correct APN and hides the APN change field in the settings app.

    if you insert another sim (other than airtel/vodafone) you should once again see the APN change field under Settings.

    For non-factory unlocked iPhones, the scenario might be a little different requiring a cydia tweak.

  6. If your using postpaid sim it’s useless!they still charging you more that of your usage,

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