How to Disable Gmail Priority Inbox

Just now we posted about how to use Gmail priority Inbox and for all who opted for Gmail Priority Inbox but for some reasons decided to opt out of Priority inbox, here is where you can learn how to disable Priority inbox.

Go to Gmail settings and click on priority inbox. Under last option which says Show priority inbox: Select Do not show priority inbox and click on save. This will disable priority inbox.

So within 2-3 clicks you can disable Gmail priority inbox. I would love to know your reaction about this new Gmail feature. Are you using it or going to disable this feature?

16 thoughts on “How to Disable Gmail Priority Inbox”

  1. I disabled it, beacuse I feel more comfortable with the old fashioned Inbox 🙂 I also do not receive hundreds of e-mails per day, so the priority Inbox just messes my e-mail, I don’t like it and I won’t use it. It’s nice that Google made it possible to turn this feature off 🙂

  2. I disabled it. It added clutter and useless extra layers to my inbox. I keep up with reading my inbox, and if I need to find something I simply search for it.

  3. Turned it on to try it out.
    Turned it off…… just yet another thing to manage.
    If only they would allow threading to be turned off.


  4. I agree with your Pavel, I enabled Google priority inbox and later on I realize my previous setting is much better.
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  5. turned off
    gmail servers track to many personal details to make it work

    or do they track keywords, people you mail and which emails you read anyway?

  6. I disabled it again.
    It did not make it better for me.
    I’ve got everything labeled and that’s enough.

  7. Thanks for the tip, I’m about to disable it. I don’t get enough important emails to justify it.
    But more importantly, with it enabled, it REALLY messes up the mail app on my iPhone – read mail still marked as unread, deleted mail still appearing as erroneous messages, new mail not appearing correctly, etc.

  8. Thanks, I hated having to organize it like that. I am an organized person but… I don’t even receive that many e-mails, so.

  9. i am getting really annoyed by google because of this… i started using priority inbox last week and straight away i missed some emails that were sent to me… until a few days later…

    now i could stay with it and train it, but i decided i didn’t want it…

    i went through your steps (before reading them here – they are quite clear) but i still get the priority inbox… i have also chosen (on the same page) “when gmail opens go to:” inbox – (as in “not priority inbox) and it still goes to the PIB every time i open gmail (as a stand alone chrome thing)…

    anyway, just moaning – i suspect that it’s because i’m using gmail in this stand alone chrome way…

    thanks for your post x

  10. I have access to my clients’ mailboxes that receives 2 to 5 emails per week!!! So, I don’t use it on them. However, I still use it on my personal inbox that receives around 10 emails per day.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I now know how to disable it.

  11. They’ve now changed it (Fall 2011). They’re not using the word “Priority” any more.

    Go to: Mail Settings (Gear Icon in upper R corner of Main Gmail page)
    Select: Inbox
    Under “Importance Markers, Select: “No Markers”
    Scroll down, and click: “Save Changes” !!

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