How to Delete Twitter Account ?

Delete Twitter Account

There could be hundreds of reasons to delete a twitter account but before reading further first look at the 3  bullet points may it have answer to your problem and saves you from deleting your twitter account and losing all followers.

  • You can make your tweet private so nobody can see your tweets.
  • Twitter has built-in option to change username no followers no tweets will be deleted, if the only reason to delete your account  is that you are bored with your existing username you can easily change it.
  • Before deleting twitter account it is a good thing to back up all your tweets and also notify your followers if you have enough ;).

Delete Twitter Account in easy steps:

Finally you have decided to delete your twitter account it’s an easy task simple follow these steps and also Please note you cannot recover your data after deleting or deactivating account.

  1. Login to your twitter account whom you want to delete.
  2. Follow this link -> or From twitter Profile Dashboard Click on “Edit your Profile”
  3. Scroll all the way Down and Click on Link ” Deactivate my account” which is below big blue Save button or follow this link ->

  1. Click on the Okay fine Deactivate my account button.
  2. Good Bye You made twitter bird cry.

Though make sure you are not drunk while you delete twitter account. 🙂

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