How To Create a Website Using Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is a very useful cloud storage utility that have loads of features and options, apparently there is no end that how useful Dropbox can be especially with the inclusion of certain addons and extensions. Although its core purpose is to keep files and data on a cloud and keep them synced to several computers but interestingly Dropbox account can also be used for other purposes like creating a website or listening to music on-the-go.

Create Website Using Dropbox

So in this post I will explain that how to create a website in an effective yet simple way by using your Dropbox account. Here is what you need to do:

DropPages add-on for Dropbox and How to use it?



DropPages is the service that enables users to create website using their Dropbox account. There are two built-in themes available on DropPages, Basic and Oceanmist. Basic is a white minimalist theme, whereas Oceanmist is a graphics rich tabbed theme having Blue color scheme. So in-order to create the website, here is what you need to do:

  • First of all select the themeDropPages-theme-selection
  • Extract the theme file into the Dropbox Folder
  • Now rename that folder according to the website address that you want to have
  • With the DropPages free option, you can only select a sub-domain that has to be integrated with domain
  • The paid account having a subscription of $5 a month can get you your own domain and also an additional storage of 1GB.
  • Next step is the folder sharing, use Dropbox share feature to share the folder containing the theme and the data
  • Send the invite to the email address [email protected] and after a while a dummy webpage will be online in which DropPages will include dummy text automatically

The best thing about DropPages is that on prior technical know-how of website making is required because the process is simple. The changes are automatically saved and those changed files are also synced with DropBox automatically. Users can also keep a backup of their entire website on their computers.