How to Create Ringtones for iPhone using iTunes

I’m a big fan of custom ringtones and despite of famous iPhone pre built ring-tones, I always prefer to create ringtones for iPhone by myself.  There are many iPhone apps which let you create ringtone directly from iPhone but here we will be using iTunes to make ringtones for our iPhone. I have been using this tutorial for my iPhone4 ringtones .

iPhone ringtones can easily be created using iTunes. To create ringtone for your iPhone follow these simple steps.

So lets get started with simple 1-2-3 step and create our first ringtone. All you need to pick is a nice song, which you want to convert into ring-tone.

Create Ringtones for iPhone with 1-2-3 step:

Select a song for which you want to create ringtone. Right click and click on get info.

In the option tab , select the start and stop time for your ringtone. Keep it lower than 35 seconds.

Create ringtones for iPhone

Now right click on song and click on Convert To AAC. In this case it will create a 30 second Aac file. Now right click on newly created aac file and click on show in explorer. Rename the file with extension .m4r

For example if your song name is songs.aac rename it to song.m4r , once done, all you need is to transfer the audio file to iPhone and from settings on your device, you can select the newly created ringtone. I’m sure it’s not something tough and anyone with little computer how to knowledge can end up making unlimited songs.

You can also upload these custom tones for your iPhone on file sharing sites and forums. Do let us know if you are stuck in middle or finding it hard to create one for your phone.

30 thoughts on “How to Create Ringtones for iPhone using iTunes”

  1. Im using itunes 9.1 and when i right click , i dun have the options that says covert AAC

  2. if you are using itunes 9.1 go click “advanced at the top of your screen, then select, “create AAC version”

  3. I have converted to .m4r file, then add to itune and after syncing it does not show in the ring tones on Iphone……….

  4. I am having the same issue. you can create the ringtone but it will not recognize it on itunes as a ringtone.

  5. Your import settings for importing CDs must be set to AAC for you to get the above mentioned “Convert to AAC” menu option. Click Edit and go to Preferences. On the General tab there should be an Import Settings button. Change to AAC.

  6. I can create the ringtones, but iTunes wont let me import them into the ringtone folder. WTF

  7. Still cant get it to work….I have the .m4a file…but cant get it to .m4r and into the ringtones folder. Any help would be appreciated.


  8. Make certain that you delete the new AAC file you created out of iTunes before you try to add the m4r file back to the library.

  9. I have changed the file to AAC, then right click it to show in explorer. Howecer, I can not change the file from .m4a file…it to .m4r in the explorer window / preferances. It wont let me change the file type??

  10. My guess is that you need to change a setting in “folder options” to show file extensions. They are hidden by default. What OS are you using?

  11. Mine isn’t giving me an option as to what file extension to save it as. It defaults to .m4a and I’m not sure how to get it changed.

  12. Ok, I am getting the songs cut, getting the files changed to m4r’s, saving them on my desktop, but when I try to drag them back into itunes, double click on them to add them, nothing happens. The songs won’t go back into itunes as ringtones. Can anyone help me?

  13. Ross,
    You have to delete the new clip file from your library before you can drop n drag the new file into the ringtone folder

  14. I’d give my left arm if someone can tell me how to save volume adjustments when creating the new ringtone.

  15. Me too. I upgraded to iTunes 10.1.1 & it no longer has the “Create AAC version” in the Advanced tab?

  16. okay, i can’t set my ringtone. i read the previous comments but i don’t get it. so I sunk it in to my iphone and it’s there…24 seconds long..but idk how to make it my ringtone. i already have it labeled as “ringtone” on itunes when i click get info. Help! with easy vocab plz and step by step instructions

  17. you have to pick that song as a ringtone for someone, or defalt. On you iPhone, goto settings, Sounds, scroll down to Ringtone, then you should see all your Custom ringtones and the standard ones. Select the one you made.
    Simple, done, enjoy!

  18. I have done all this but don’t have a ringphones tab when I go into i-phone. Any ideas where it is hiding? Thanks

  19. I am getting an error trying to convert this file… I don’t have the privilege to make this change. I am using MacBook Pro with iTunes 10.3.1(55)
    iPhone 4 and I am an admin on this Mac…. the song is on the HD… what is the problem…

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