How to Create Multi-Part Compressed Archives Using WinRar

Some files are simply too large to email or send through the internet. For these we use file compression programs that size down these large files. However there are times when even the compressed file is too large to be transported through the internet. The solution then becomes multi-part compression: compressing the original file by breaking it down into numerous parts. Specially if you download movies from Torrent or any other file sharing site, you will notice that many time a big movie file is broken into small files and compressed using win-rar.

There are a number of free programs available e.g 7-Zip etc, that perform multi-part compression. But the most user friendly is WinRar. You can get WinRar to compress files into smaller parts by following these easy steps:

Step 1:

Download and install WinRar from here.

Step 2:

With the program installed you click on any folder or file and compress it. Right-click on the file, enter the 7Zip menu, and select “Add to archive.”


Step 3:

Using the window that opens up, you can control various aspects of the output archive. Start by specifying the output format and the size of each part of the multi-part archive.


Confirm your options and start the compression. Wait patiently while the file is compressed – the larger the file, the more time it will take for compression.

Step 4:

With the compression finished, verify the result by trying to uncompress the multi-part archive. This step is not necessary but serves as a good practice to make sure the archive turned out perfectly.


And that is all. The 4 easy steps mentioned above can also be followed using numerous other free compression software such as 7-Zip as well. If you have any other compression software installed, explore its options and see how it lets you create multi-part compressed archives.

Download WinRar

Do let us know which software are you using to compress your file? Are you using WinRar, 7Zip, WinZip or any other software?