How to Create iTunes App Store Account without Credit Card

A lot of iPhone Apps are not available in the iTunes Store of every country. So, you may need to create an account in a country where you don’t have a valid credit card. This tutorial will teach you how to create an iTunes App Store Account without a credit card. If you just want to buy free apps and not paid apps you can use this method.

This tutorial is for creating an account from your Windows or Mac computer. To create iTunes App Store Account on iPhone read this guide.

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Follow these steps:

Now Open iTunes, head to the iTunes Store using the link in left pane and Click on the App Store Link in the top navigation bar.


In case you already have an iTunes Store account, choose Store > Sign Out. For a store in some other country select the country you want by clicking on the flag in bottom right corner.

Now Select any free App and purchase it. For example, we tried to purchase the free VLC Player for iPhone which has just been released.


The rest is almost self explanatory and very intuitive. Click on Create new account.


You will be asked to accept the iTunes Store Terms & Conditions and then enter your details. Select None as the payment option under “Credit Card.” After you have filled all details iTunes Store will send you a verification email on the address you provided in previous step.

Open the email from iTunes store and click on the verification link. iTunes will ask for your Account name and password. And you’re done. You will now see the Congratulations screen.


You can buy as many free apps as you want using this account. If you want to buy Paid apps you can use iTunes Gift Cards or a Promotion Code. Here’s how to use iTunes and App Store Promotion Codes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask via comments.

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  1. I live in Japan but how do I make itunes US account.
    I can not make an account. When I try to create it, iTunes tells me that “credit card is declined” even though I chose “None”
    How is this possible, do I have to live in US to get what I want??

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