How to Create Facebook Account [Beginners Guide]

Create Facebook AccountIn the present world, internet is an important part of our lives, be it a normal guy or a geek. It’s literally impossible for some to live without internet connectivity. The most used services on the internet are Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo, MSN and few more. Having an e-mail account has become something important too, even though the idea of sending an e-mail is somewhat lazy. The latest growing phenomenon on the internet, after Search, is Social Networking.

The ability to stay connected with friends all around the world without having to actually see them or even move from your chair. It’s intriguing and it has caused a revolution since the day it was launched. Now, obviously every one wants to have a Facebook account as it’s hip and cool. The question ‘Are you on Facebook?‘ is asked every time someone meets someone new. So to make things easier for a newbie, here’s a complete and easy to follow tutorial to create Facebook account.

Step by step guide to create Facebook account

Signing Up for a New Facebook Account

The steps are simple and all you’d require is an existing e-mail id, internet connection, basic knowledge of internet and access to a computer.

  • Open a Browser and direct yourself to
  • Now, you’ll be able to see a Sign Up form and a Sign Up button in green. It’s simple from here.

  • Provide the required information and click on Sign Up.  You may be asked to enter two words just for security purpose.
  • That’s it. You just created a Facebook account for yourself. Don’t forget to provide a valid e-mail address so that Facebook can send you a confirmation mail.
  • Open your e-mail account and then confirm Facebook verification e-mail by clicking on the confirmation link that you just received from Facebook.

That’s the first part. Now, all that’s remaining is adding and inviting friends, creating your Facebook Profile that has information about you and uploading your first profile picture. This is how you actually get started with Facebook.

Creating Your Facebook Profile and Adding/Inviting Friends

You can add or invite friends by selecting your existing e-mail contacts or by performing a manual search of your friends.

Creating your Facebook profile is also real easy, everything is laid out in a very easy to understand way so that you can complete the whole thing in no time.

Adding a profile picture can be very helpful for all your friends to find you and it’s real simple to add one too.

You can upload one from your computer or you can use your webcam to take one and upload it instantly. It’s that simple. Next part is to add more friends that you know, publish updates, edit your profile, take care of Privacy and sharing options and you’re done. Home is where you’ll find the latest things that you’re friends have been doing and you can go to Account to edit your profile and adjust Privacy settings.

I’m sure 900+ million Facebook user won’t disappoint you and more over, try finding all your high school and college buddies on Facebook.

If you need any specific tutorial related to Facebook, do let me know via comment. I hope this tutorial helped you to create Facebook account without any hassle. If you enjoyed this tutorial, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Hope you found this tutorial real simple to follow and have successfully created your Facebook account. Have fun networking with your friends and family wherever you are with Facebook.

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