How to Copy Music and Videos from iPhone to iTunes on Windows or Mac

This tutorial will show you how to transfer music from iPhone to your Computer using a free software. No need to purchase any premium app for this. Works on Windows as well as Mac. This comes handy when you want to sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to a new computer without losing all the previous sync data.

We all know how to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone but the reverse might be a tedious process as Apple does not encourage copying music back from iPod or iPhone in order to reduce piracy.

We will be using a free utility called iPhone Explorer which can be downloaded here for both Windows and Mac.

This tutorial has been tested to work with all generations of iPhone and iPod Touch devices. You do not need any jailbreak to perform this. Works fine on both jailbroken and non jailbroken iOS devices.

How to Copy Music from iPhone to iTunes:

Connect your iPhone to the computer using Dock Connector to USB cable. Quit iTunes.

Launch iPhone Explorer utility that you downloaded earlier.

Iphone explorer mac

Navigate to [iPhone’s name] > Media > iTunes_Control

Iphone explorer copy music iphone to itunes

You should find a folder called Music. Copy this whole folder to your computer by using drag and drop. The whole process can take anything between one minute to fifteen depending on the size of your iPod library. Do not quit this app until the transfer window goes away.

In case the app becomes unresponsive, during copying music do not panic. This is normal. The app will continue to copy all the files and become active again once the process is complete.

Now both your iPhone’s Music and Videos have been copied. Let’s now learn how to add it to iTunes.

How to add Music & Videos to iTunes:

In iTunes, create a new playlist called iPhone’s Music or anything else that you feel like. Select the playlist in the left pane and drag the Music folder on your computer to the right pane.

In a few minutes iTunes will have added all the music you just copied, to its library and be ready for syncing again with any iOS device.