How to Configure iPhone Remote application to connect to iTunes

iPhone has a very useful application call Remote which let you control your iTunes on your PC from iPhone. If you use iTunes to manage your songs, this is one of the application that you should consider installing on your iPhone.

In this tutorial I will be sharing how you can configure this application to connect with your iTunes.

To get started with this install remote application on your iPhone. It’s a free iPhone application. Once you are done installing remote iPhone application, open it on your iPhone and you will see a screen like this


Click on choose a library. On the next page click on add an iTunes library and you will see 4 digit passcode. That you need to enter into your iTunes. FYI, your iPhone and iTunes should be connected to same Wi-Fi connection.

Here are screenshots which are self explanatory, In case if you have any question, feel free to ask via comment:





That’s it and within 5 steps you will be able to control your iTunes using your iPhone remote application.

Do let us know what all application you use to control your computer software via your iPhone?

2 thoughts on “How to Configure iPhone Remote application to connect to iTunes”

  1. Wow this is the best..Very well explained and very useful…I am a total child when it comes to gadgets and even me could decipher a lot from this tutorial

  2. I keep trying to sync my remote from my iphone to my itunes but the devices bar is not popping up my screen in order to punch in the code. I select my device but nothing pops up in order for me to put in my code from my phone. if it helps i am on the same network and i noticed on your screenshots you have two devices. one with the iphone symbol and one with the square play symbol. I do not have the square play symbol. Can you please help me?

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