How to Close Crashed Program in Windows

So are you a Windows user? Does your system hangs most of times? Well this is what happens with me. And I believe that maybe happening with most of you. Most of the times, Windows programs goes unresponsive but with a simple and quick trick you can close any crashed app within seconds.

Windows Crashed
Windows Crashed


1) When a program gets unresponsive, open task manager (press ctrl+alt+del) > applications, right click on the crashed program and select “Go To Process”.

2) After doing so, you will see something as show in the snapshot below. Just simply click on “End Process” and hit “Yes”.

3) That’s it. Didn’t I said it’s quick and simple?

What if Windows explorer (My computer, Documents, folders etc) goes unresponsive?

Well the above process applies here but with one more step. After closing the Windows explorer, the desktop will go blank with just a wallpaper on screen. So what to do? After ending process, click on “File” in the Upper left side of Task Manager and select “New Task (Run)”. A text area will appear, write “Explorer” and hit “OK”. Everything will appear again on the screen.
So now whenever any of your program crashes, close it with this trick or try upgrading to a Mac. Read Why you will love a Mac.
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