How to Check if your iPhone Jailbreakable firmware and Unlockable

One of the most common question, we have been asked here at CallingAllGeeks is, which all are jailbreakable firmware and  if there is a Jailbreak and Unlock available for their iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s tough to answer everyone based on their firmware and baseband version. Luckily someone has made an online wizard which solves this problem.


You will need some information prior to using the online tool. If you have an iPad or iPod Touch for which you want jailbreak you need to know just the firmware version but if you have an iPhone to jailbreak and unlock you should also know the current baseband version. Here’s a guide to tell you How to Find iPhone Firmware and Baseband Version.

jailbreakable firmware

Once you have determined your iPhone’s firmware and baseband info head over to this link.

Select your Device, model, iOS firmware and baseband version as shown in the above screenshot and click on check iDevice.


For example I tried both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G. The online tool tells me that a jailbreak tool is available for both devices but the iPhone 3G running baseband version 05.14.02 does not have an unlock solution at this moment.


So for now you have answers to whether or not your iDevice has a jailbreak and unlock tool available. If you any more iPhone or iOS related queries feel free to ask us.