How To Change MAC Address In Windows 7

There are times when people will want to do thing but remain anonymous. There are many software which will hide the identity of a computer in many ways but the only thing that still doesn’t change is the MAC address. If anyone gets a computer’s MAC address, it can easily be identified and traced. So to be completely anonymous, you’ll need to change your MAC address. There were some software which could change the MAC address in Windows XP temporarily but they didn’t work in Windows 7.

Use Win7 Mac Changer to change Windows 7 Mac address

Win7 MAC Address Changer is a very simple tool specifically made for changing MAC address in Windows 7. Its portable and is very simple to use. You can download Win7 MAC Address Changer from the below location, unzip the EXE file, right click it and then run it as administrator. It will issue the following warning:

Win7 MAC Address Changer

You should press the Continue button in order for the software to work correctly. In the next step you’ll need to select the network adapter whose MAC address you want to change and then press the Change button.

Change MAC Address In Windows 7

You can either write your own MAC address or click on the Random button which will generate a random MAC address for you.

Please note that the real MAC address is built in to the Network Interface Card firmware and can not be changed. All the software that change the MAC address are temporary. The MAC address will reset to original after Windows restart.

Download Win7 Mac Address Changer

Do let us know if you know any other ways to change mac address in Windows 7?

5 thoughts on “How To Change MAC Address In Windows 7”

  1. Have you tested this on a switch? Cause I have never seen any software that has the capability to change Layer 2 Physical address. Have you tried out checking this on CISCO Switch IOS or Windows Network Monitor?

    If yes do provide some screenshots.

  2. @Jay: It is not the first one, there are many software available that changes Physical layer address.

  3. @Jay
    I have already mentioned in the article that this is a temporary method. You can call it MAC address spoofing. The Mac address will change to original when Windows is restarted.

  4. @faisy @sanix – I know that there are many softwares out there that can change MAC address. I have many times myself changed the MAC address using Regedit.exe and by writing a small code in VBScript. After changing the address, IPconfig command displays the modified one but when the packet transforms into a frame and is checked by switches or routers, original MAC address appears and there is no modification?

  5. changing mac is far more easier in windows 7 compared to windows xp. In windows xp technitium mac address changer is very useful tool to change the address.

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