How to Change iPhone APN for GPRS/3G Cellular Data

This tutorial will show you how to view or edit the Access Point Name(APN) on iPhone for internet access. You can change iPhone APN for all data services including Cellular Data, Visual Voicemail, MMS and Internet Tethering. Full instructions after the break.

How to Change APN on iPhone:

This guide works for factory unlocked iPhones including iPhone 4. In case you have used a software based unlock like Ultrasn0w, you might have to install an additional tweak if you don’t see the following feature in Settings.

On your iPhone go to Settings>General>Network and then tap on Cellular Data Network.

If you are using a SIM from an official carrier then in all probability you don’t need to worry about these settings and manual configuration of APN will be disabled under Settings. For example, when I use an Airtel SIM on my iPhone this is what the Network settings pane looks like.

Change iphone apn 9 2

When I insert a BSNL sim which is not an official carrier, the Cellular Data Network option appears.

Change iphone apn 8 2

Once you click on Cellular Data Network you will be able to modify APN and other fields for Cellular Data, MMS, Internet Tethering etc.

Iphone cellular data apn

If you tap on Reset settings all values will be reset to the original carrier settings or blank if there were none initially. Usually for GPRS/3G data you will only have to assign APN address under Cellular Data and Internet Tethering.

I’m actually pleased by the limited amount of settings you have to configure on the iPhone as compared to conventional Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones.

You can look for your carrier’s APN here:

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  1. hello.
    i have iphone 4, and im an airtel user. somehow the mms setting screwed up. like you said, there is no further setting under the cellular data panel, for official carrier,i take it the settings are all good and set up. but still i cant send nor receive any mms. i have subscribed to airtel mobile office 2gb/month pack, internet and browsing is all good, but the mms blow it up. is there any solution? i mean, is there any possible way to modify the mms or apn setting myself?

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