How to change File Extension and Attributes in Windows XP

Some time we need to change information related to file such as its attributes e.g.  date and time when the file was created and modified etc. Sometime we need to change the file extension but we are unable to do this directly by renaming it. Suppose we have an exe file named “stop” and we want to change the file extension to any other such as .example i.e. stop.example instead of stop.exe but we can’t do it by adding .example. So below are the methods to change different identity information of a file.

Changing File extension using folder options

It is the simple method and you can change file type by playing little with folder options. First open “My computer” and locate “Folder Options” in upper option-bar (tools > folder options).


  • Here you will find 4 tabs “general”,”view”,”file types”,”offline files”. Here select tab “view”
  • In “view” see the option “Hidden files and folders”. Here remove the tick from option “Hide extensions for known file types”.


Now you can change the file type by just renaming a file.

Changing file extension by using File Extension Changer

You can also change file type without disturbing your windows default folder options  using this free software

  • First download the File extension changer free. [link] (312kb in size)
  • Install it and make right lick on a file you want to change and select option “change file extension”


  • Now easily change file extension whatever you want

Changing files attributes

  • You can change different file attributes such as time and date of file creation,modification etc by a little tool named Attribute changer. You can download this software for free.[link]
  • To use this software after installation make right click on a file and select option “change attributes”.


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Changing file extension may be irreversible some time so your should be careful in doing this task and you should do it only in emergencies.