How to Block a Website In Firefox 4,Opera 11,Chrome and IE 9

Some time we need website blocking feature in our internet browsers and it may be needed due to many reasons such as to save children from accessing a bad website or an adult website. In this tutorial we have told how to use different web browsers for website blocking. We will not be using any software to block websites but using inbuilt blocking features of different web browser to block any porn or spam or any website you want to.

Website Blocking in Opera 11

Opera 11 has inbuilt feature to block a website and we can block as many websites as we want.

  • Go to Opera Menu > Settings > Preference or use CTRL+F12 to access Preference option
  • In Preference go to option advanced > Content > Blocked Content


Here you can add any website to make it inaccessible in Opera

Website Blocking in Google Chrome

Though Google Chrome does not have a direct option to block a website but we can use a free and awesome extension to block websites. We can block a website using SiteBlock extension.

  • Open Google Chrome and click here to go to extension page and install the extension
  • Now go to Google Chrome settings > Tools > Extensions > SiteBlock


And using SiteBlock panel you can block any website

Website Blocking in Firefox

Firefox is also an add-on dependent browser to block websites and this operation can be done with a free Firefox add-on named BlockSite. It is an advanced add-on with which we can block any website. We can also protect our blocklist using a password.

  • Open Firefox and click here to install the add-on
  • Restart the browser and access the add-on by going to Firefox menu > add-ons > BlockSite > Options


Website Blocking in Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 have built-in option to block any website.

  • Go to IE 9 Settings > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites
  • Here you can add any url to block



These are easy ways to block a website or to filter websites based on website or webpage URLs. In our upcoming article we will tell you how to filter websites based on keywords used in websites. So do not forget to subscribe our free email updates.

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