How To Block iAds on your iDevice with a Simple Cydia Tweak

Sometimes we have to get rid of a particular thing inspite of knowing its importance factor, I categories online Ads in this category. Though they are very useful and helpful in most of the instances but sometimes they tend to hamper what you are doing. Today I will be categorically talking about Apple’s not so latest iAds feature that was made part of Apple’s mobile OS to help advertisers reach a larger users base. But, I often find these iAds to be very irritating specially when I am engrossed in a game on my iPhone and they pop-up. So if you happen to be a Jailbroken iDevice user then this post will be very helpful to you.

Disable iAds [Cydia Tweak]

This particular Cydia Tweak ensures that you are not bothered by iAds again on your iDevice and it very much lessens your suffering because of these unwanted Ad pop-ups. Finding this tweak on Cydia search is not that simple and easy because you won’t be able to find it directly via Search tab on Cydia. You will find the tweak on Kokoabim, an not so popular repo on Cydia . To find Disable iAds you gotta add this repo ( directly in Cydia sources. The developers have also uploaded a detail Kokoabim tutorial for users who are new to the Cydia and are not much conversant with the addition of repos.


Next step is search for Disable iAds tweak and install it on your phone, there is no proper user interface for this tweak nor does it have a settings page or menu. The tweak simply becomes active once you re-spring your iDevice. If for some reason the tweak doesn’t work then restarting your iOS device will solve the problem.

Disable iAds tweak is free of cost and I recommend that you should try it on your iOS device if you are tired of iAds. Use it and give us your feedback in the comments.

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