How to Block Domains from Your Google Search Results with Web Tools

Search engines like Google has indeed changed and improved the way we search on the internet, with the introduction of some innovative methods and algorithms Google has made search on the internet a smarter experience. But thing is that no matter whatever improvements are there, every user can’t be satisfied. So Today’s post is about how you can make your search experience smarter and useful.

Normally when we enter our query on search engines like Google, some of the search results get overlapped and they pop-up again and again. With this overlapping happening, chances are that you might skip some useful domains while searching. So today I am highlighting some useful browser-based tools that will help you in filtering some domains from your search results:

Personal BlockList for Google

Compatible with: Google Chrome

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Personal BlockList is not a user-script, it is an official Google extension for Chrome browser. As per the Google’s description of this blocking extension, it analyzes blocking pattern and then make conclusions about the delivered search results.

Using this extension when you choose to block a domain, the extension will automatically transfer URLs and domains blocked to Google. When you start using Personal BlockList extension it prompts you that whether you want Google to use this information freely to improve your search results.

Search Noise Reduction for Bing and Google

Compatible With: Opera & Firefox

Search Noise Reduction filter

Basically this particular domain filtering tool is a userscript that adds a little virtual scissor icon with each of the search result. When you click on the icon it lets you specify that what amount of data you want to block from that particular domain. You can block either a subdirectory or a sub-domain from the results.

Though this script will work only for your first time search or for all of the searches if you tend to use your browser search field. You can also save your block domains locally or you can also access that list directly by clicking on an icon on the top right of your browser.

Do try out these browser based tools and Do let us know in comments that whether you think these tools are good or not?

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