How to Set Up Free Find My iPhone on iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G/iPad

We told you about the Free Find my iPhone service that Apple has just announced with the release of iOS 4.2 firmware for all devices. This guide will give you detailed instruction to setup Find my iPhone service for the first time on any of your iDevices.

If you wish to know who is eligible for this free service and how is it useful read our Find my iPhone post.

Steps to Configure Find my iPhone:

Firstly, update your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to iOS 4.2. If you want a Jailbreak or Unlock solution you should wait for a while before you take the leap. For the rest of us here are rest of the instructions to setup Find my iPhone.


Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts & calendars. Tap Add Account and Select MobileMe.


If you have an Apple ID(you have one if you have purchased something from Apple Online Store or the iTunes Store) and the password. In case you don’t have one don’t worry. Just hit the “Create Free Apple ID” button in the bottom of the screen.


Verify your account by checking the verification email in your inbox.

Go back to MobileMe in Settings and Turn on Find my iPhone. Tap Allow when it requests your permission to track location of the iPhone.


That’s all. Now your iPhone’s location is being tracked by Apple. To give it a try head over to and sign in using the Apple ID you used above.

You can see the location of the tracked device and send messages, remotely lock it or even make it play a sound.


This is a really useful feature and in fact the only one for which I was using the premium MobileMe service(costs $99 annually)

Go ahead and try it on your own devices. Remember, at present you can only activate this free service on latest generation devices that is the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPads.

Also see: Direct download links for Apple iOS 4.2

3 thoughts on “How to Set Up Free Find My iPhone on iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G/iPad”

  1. Um…the article’s great. I came here though, from the “how to use find my iphone with multiple devices” article.
    I’ve been clicking your links for 20 minutes, and it’s been bringing me in a huge circle. I’ve yet to find out exactly how to use the same account for multiple devices! 🙁
    I have it set up on an iphone and an ipod touch.
    I just need to know how to find them both with my one account.

    Thanks anyway! 🙂

  2. @jen
    just download the Find my iPhone app on any device or visit and login using your account. You should be able to find as many devices as are linked to that particular account.

  3. i have a same problem.. i have iphone 4, i pad 2 and ipod touch 4th gen.. but when i log in to, i can only see my iphone 4 but not the ipod touch and ipad 2.. how can i configure the settings properly on each device so that i could track all of them in one account..
    if anyone knows how to do it, your help would much be appreciated.

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