How secure is your password? Find out using Pass-O-Meter

In this modern era where a user has to manage so many online credentials, keeping passwords safe and secure is a major task for everyone. These days, hacking applications are particularly strong in sniffing out insecure passwords which makes it even more necessary for users to secure their passwords. We have so many password managers which can help us to remember a strong and complicated password.

Although many browser based extensions and plug-ins are available for download, these apps are particularly not useful when one needs desktop password security like for LAN, virtual machine passwords and so on. Pass-O-Meter is a desktop utility designed for checking the strength of saved passwords. Very simple to use, Pass-O-Meter consists of a tachometer style gauge which shows the strength of the password when any password is input to it. Any password e.g. routers, virtual machines, e-banking accounts etc. can be input for a security strength check. Pass-O-Meter works on standard secure password rules such as keeping special characters, numbers and caps locked alphabets etc. in your password and other rules of thumb to gauge the strength of the passwords.


Pass-O-Meter has different gauge colors which demonstrate the strength of the passwords. This scale consists of six different colors each representing the level of strength for a password:

  • Gray – Password not for actual use
  • Red – Weak password
  • Orange – Medium password
  • Yellow – Strong password
  • Green – Very strong password
  • Blue – Strongest password; almost immune to being cracked using current hacking/cracking technologies

Pass-O-Meter is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 is a highly recommended tool for everyone who wants to test the strength of their passwords.

Download Pass-O-Meter

What method do you use to create a strong password? Also let us know what method do you use to remember a complicated password?