How Important is the Amazon Mac Download Store to App Developers?

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Amazon is a name you don’t often hear mentioned among the usual group of internet superpowers, but while the mainstream darlings make the headlines, this world renowned brand continues to prove that it is a force to be reckoned with. The e-commerce giant has been quite busy as of late, and some of the most recent news to come out of its camp is the launch of the Amazon Mac Download Store. This new offering offers an abundance of exciting apps for users and opportunities for developers.

Who Needs Apple?

The Amazon Mac Download Store reportedly has 250 of the hottest apps in its catalog, offering software options that range from games to productivity programs for business users. Despite being a new offering on the market, the service is instantly a direct competitor of the Apple Mac App Store, which was just launched earlier this year in January. Although Apple may not be too thrilled about what could turn out to be some pretty stiff competition, the launch of a worthy Mac App Store competitor is good news for the people who develop the apps.

Quite a few developers have found Apple difficult to deal with to say the least. Among the complaints is the grumbling of programmers who cite that the technology giant is stubborn when it comes to providing information that could be useful in scheduling product launches, managing user data for content purposes, and other important aspects. With the Amazon Mac Download Store in the mix, developers now have a choice of who they work with. It could prove to be a viable alternative for those who can’t or do not want to develop software for the Apple Mac App Store for whatever reason.

The Apple is Tough to Beat

It is clear to see that the Amazon Mac Download Store brings exciting opportunities to the way of the developer. However, while some are stoked about the launch, the community as a whole has mixed feelings. These mixed feelings result from the fact that Apple’s Mac App Store has been such a great outlet for developers. The store is designed in a manner that makes it incredibly convenient for users to browse and select the apps they want to buy for their Mac system. Apple also has a centralized interface that allows customers to easily find and download the necessary updates for their software. The commitment to a better experience is a factor that benefits both the user and developer.

Anything could happen, but Amazon’s Mac Download Store appears to have a tough task on its hands. While the Mac App Store hasn’t been out long, it is already a certified powerhouse, garnering a million downloads on its first day of going live. Apple provides a platform developers can use to profit from their creations, so convincing them why the Mac Download Store is a better option will easily be Apple’s biggest challenge.  Will this be the direction that we are leaning towards for email marketing software and CRM software as well?