HitPad: A Graphically-rich Trendy News App for Your iPad

There are various free News apps for iPad that provides multitude of user-generated and in some instances personalized contents on your iDevice, apps like Pulse and Flipboard exactly fit the above description. But if you are an iPad freak who want to use this amazing tablet device as a way of keeping up with latest tweets, news and videos then HitPad is an app that you should definitely have.

HitPad takes a totally different approach for providing news to users, it provides contents that are popular on the internet and are making headlines. The app aggregates contents from multitude of news sources and then displays these contents in a graphic-rich format.


HitPad features

Launching the app for the first time prompt users to turn ON/OFF the push notifications. HitPad basically takes a nod from Twitter offering the trendiest topics in all of the available categories. Users can also refresh the topics that HitPad shows by a pull down menu. All the available information is further divided into formats like News, Videos, Web, Tweets and Photos.


Users can also integrate their Twitter, Facebook and Instapaper accounts with HitPad under the settings tab. After you have connected your social networking accounts, you can share the links of every item you view regardless of its category. Moreover, users can also copy links to clipboard or open them in Safari browser of their iPad. The app allow users to open YouTube videos directly within the main interface.

All the news stories or web results are shown with a brief introduction, so if anyone wants to view or read the full item then they can click Read more option and a full story will open up in Safari’s pop-up.

HitPad will definitely be a popular app for iPad users in the future because it delivers news and stories in a more refreshing manner with a minimum of clutter. Moreover, users can depend on app to provide them with the popular stories instead of searching for news themselves. You can download HitPad for free from Apple app store.

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  1. Hi Naufil,

    Thanks for the post and feedback. We are in about to release a new version (1.4) that will have some new features that we are excited about, mostly because they address many of the users’ requests we have been getting since launch.

    The new version will expand our support for more countries, add Saved Searches to a custom category, ReadItLater support and more.

    Look out for the update notification in the AppStore.


    Jay Meydad
    Founder & CEO, Hitpad

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