Guide: How to Install iOS 5 Beta on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

iOS 5 was announced at the WWDC 2011 this week and the iOS 5 Beta 1 version has already been released to the developers to try. This guide will show you how to install iOS 5 beta on your iOS device. You need an iOS Developer license to activate and enjoy all features of iOS 5 but there is also a workaround to install it and try a limited version of iOS 5 without a developer license.

Note: Make sure you save your SHSH blobs before upgrading to iOS 5 else you won’t be able to downgrade back to iOS 4.x in the future. Unlockers beware! iOS 5 will upgrade your baseband to 4.11.04 which cannot be downgraded back.

Tools required to Install iOS 5:

You need to get the following things from here before we can proceed with the tutorial.

  • iTunes 10.5 Beta
  • iOS 5 Beta Firmware

How to Install iOS 5 Beta on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad:

Install the iTunes beta on your Mac and launch it. Connect your iOS device and once it appears in iTunes make sure you backup your data first before proceeding.

Backup iphone

Hold the Alt/Option key on your Mac and click on Restore button.

Install iOS 5 on iPhone 4  restore in itunes

Note: Clicking on Update will result in Error 3002 everytime so no point trying that. However, no need to worry as after restore you’ll still get back all data from iOS 4 and your iPhone will be no different after the whole process is done.

Now browse for the iOS firmware file and select it. iTunes will format your iPhone and now install iOS 5 beta. In about five minutes the iPhone should restart and depending on your iOS developer license status you’ll see one of the following screens.

If you have a valid license you’ll see the “iPhone has been unlocked” confirmation screen in iTunes.

Ios 5 iphone factory unlocked by itunes

If you don’t have one you’ll get the following message in iTunes saying iTunes is unable to complete your activation since the device is not registered as part of iPhone developer program.

Ios 5 itunes unable to complete your activation

How to activate iOS 5 on iPhone without Developer License(UDID):

Well, the easiest but most expensive option is to get yourself enrolled in the iPhone developer program but that will cost $99.

Ios developer program

You could also look for folks who sell UDID registrations on eBay for $5 approximately.

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend anything but just want to take a peek at iOS 5 you can check out our previous video on how to activate iOS 5 without UDID. You should read our posts on what’s new in iOS 5 and iPhone 4 Camera and explore these features yourself.

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  • pankajmanotia June 9, 2011, 10:33 pm

    can we need to unlock the sim carrier after upgrading to ios5?

  • Hub Geek June 10, 2011, 9:29 am

    @pankajmanotia: Everytime you upgrade to new iOS, you iPhone get unlocked if it is not factory unlocked version.. If you use any other jailbreaking and unlocking for your iPhone.. It is necessary to unlock your iPhone after iOS5 upgrade

  • Rajat June 12, 2011, 12:39 am

    yes if you dont have a factory unlocked phone, you will need to use a gevery or rebel sim to unlock