Grooveshark: Find Your Favorite Songs And Stream It Easily

If you are looking for a nice website to stream your favorite music then you should bookmark Grooveshark, an awesome website to search and listen to songs online. This site comes with an easy to use user interface. There is a search box at the top to search your favorite songs. While searching the songs I came to know that its database is so intense and it gave all the results I searched for.

Apart from search, there are various links present on the left. You can click on “Popular” to go to the playlist of the most popular songs (Yes, you don’t need to go to Billboard next time to find the top songs). To go to the recent songs played by you, click on the “Recent” link present on the left.


You can also make your custom playlist but for that sign up is required. You can add any song to your custom playlist by clicking on the + symbol which appears when you hover your mouse over song’s name. Custom playlist can be played from anywhere by just login into your account. If you want to remove the song from the playlist, just hover your mouse over song’s thumbnail and click the “X” appears.

There is a shuffle and repeat mode also present. Users can upload the songs (sign up is required). Time to time Grooveshark allows you to download few albums. It is also available for mobile users as application (Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm).

Worth Checking Out:

Check out Grooveshark.