Google Takeout: Download All Google Account Data

One thing which I liked about Google when they released Google+, they let you download data from your Google+ account and along with Google+ data liberation feature, Google also added a new feature call Google Takeout to download all your Google data.

Using Google takeout, you can download data from Google Buzz, Google Circles, Picasa, Google Profile, Google+ stream and contacts.

Google Takeout
Google Takeout

Download data from Google takeout is easy and here is a guide which you can use to download your Google data.

How to use Google takeout to download Data from Google?

Go to Google takeout homepage and login using your Google ID. Click on Choose services

You can click on any service and it will show the time it will take to download all the data. Click on create archive and it will start archiving your data from day1 to now and you can download it within one click on next page. (Screen below)

Indeed it’s a great move by Google to create one place to download all data. I wish if they start offering multiple file format options to download data.

Here is a nice video from Data liberation Front announcing Google takeout service.


You should atleast use this service once to download all your data now and to create a local backup. Do let us know what do you think about Google takeout service? Do you think it’s going to be useful for you and others?