Google Mobile for iPhone Gets Updated, Is Called Google Search

If you own an iPhone, you’ll be familiar with the Google Mobile app that brings almost all the features of Google to your phone. Google recently updated the Mobile app, added some new features, a new interface and more web-based feel to it. They have renamed the Mobile app and are calling it Google Search.

iPhone users still won’t be able to enjoy the Google apps that are available for Android devices, but this new update seems to have thinned that border line. The new interface of the Google Search app features a simpler layout and looks more like the web based Google search that we’re all used to. Makes searches very easy and the whole thing feels a little bit faster and more organized than the previous version of Google Mobile. Of course the features such as Google Goggles and Voice Search and all the other Google web apps like Gmail, Adsense, Docs etc are still there.

Other new features include a way to go back to your last search if interrupted in between, all you have to do is tap on the lower half of the search page and it’ll take you back to where you left off. But that’s not the best the new update has to offer. Google Search has got a very useful new feature, a toolbar(in the above picture) similar to the one you get on the web version on the left side of search results. The toolbar contains the usual tabs for News, Images, Blogs, Discussion and everything else that you’d normally find on the web search. To view this new toolbar you just have to swipe left to right on the search result page. This is a very useful feature don’t you think?

You can download this Free app from the Apple Store.

[ Source: Google Mobile Blog ]