Google Maps for Android adds ‘Download Map Area’ feature through Google Labs

Download Map Area Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the best map applications ever. No matter where you are, Google Maps never lets you lose your way. Ever since it was released, Google has been adding various features to Google Maps like turn-by-turn navigation, street view, etc. Well, Google has now added yet another feature to Google Maps for Android – “Download Map Area”. It is an experimental feature and has been launched through Google Labs.

Download Map Area is a feature that lets you download maps of any particular area and access it offline without any data coverage or Wi-Fi. You can download maps of up to a 10-mile radius of the area you selected. The maps are downloaded within a minute or two and stores only the base map titles and landmarks on the map. To see the Satellite View and 3D buildings, search for Places and get Directions, you will still require a data connection. However, the downloaded maps will have enough details for you to easily figure out the way.

So, how do you enable and use this new feature anyway?

Well, to start using this feature on your Android phone you first need to make sure that you have the updated version of Google Maps. If not, head over to the Android Market and update your Google Maps. Once you have the updated version, open Google Maps and enable “Download Maps Area” by going to Menu->More->Labs.

Google Maps Download Map Area

On the Map, click on any place (for eg. Cathedral St. Andre) and select more or “>” to get the Place page menu. There you will notice that the Download Map Area option has been added. Just select it and your map will be download within no time. You can now access the downloaded maps even without a data connection or Wi-Fi. You can manage all your downloaded map areas from the Google Maps cache settings. However, all downloaded map areas will be removed from your cache after 30 days.

So, do you like this new feature in Google Maps? What other features do you wish to see in Google Maps? Tell us about it via the comments section.

Image Credits : Official Google Mobile Blog