Google Image Slideshow :Create slideshow from Google Image search

Google image slideshow is a useful service for those who would like to create image slideshow from Google image search results.
If you want to create a slideshow of the images you searched online, then you have to follow a number of steps. First you perform the search, then save the images on your hard drive, then create a slideshow through PowerPoint or a similar application.

But this entire process is reduced to a single convenient step thanks to a site called “Google Image Slideshow.”

Google Image Slideshow

Google Image Slideshow is a free to use website that displays results from Google Image search as a slideshow. The slideshow is played within the browser and require minimal control. You can set the browser to full screen mode to expand the slideshow to the entire screen.

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How to use Google Image Slideshow :

Using Google Image Slideshow is quite easy. You enter your search query and press the Enter key on the keyboard. The slideshow commences. For each image you get buttons in the top right that can take you to the original URL of the image currently being seen. And through buttons at the bottom of the image you can control the speed of the slideshow. These buttons are set to auto-hide and appear only when you move your mouse pointer.


Another way to set the slideshow from the website is through the “Advanced” tab at the site’s homepage. In this tab you can greatly control the various parameters of the slideshow. You can specify the site to take the image results from, the image size, the file type, colorization of the images, and various other control factors.


In its simple interface, Google Image Slideshow offers a valuable service that its users will surely appreciate.

Visit Google Image Slideshow.