Google Image Chart Creator: Create and Embed a Variety of Graphs and Charts

Google-Image-Chart-Editor-1Charts and graphs allow us to conveniently represent data in a manner that effectively communicates its meaning. Microsoft Excel is widely used to create such graphs. But when you need an embeddable chart, you need to turn to online applications that let you create your desired graph and then generate its embeddable code.

Such online apps normally offer only a single type of chart. For instance there might be a site dedicated to creating pie charts and another dedicated to create line plots. But bookmarking all these sites is obviously inconvenient. What you need is a site that lets you create all sorts of embeddable graphs and charts. What you need is “Google Image Chart Creator.”

Google Image Chart Creator is a free web tool provided to you by Google. It lets you create a variety of graphs by entering data points. In addition to plotting the data, it lets you customize various aspects of the graphs such as colors and margins. When you first visit the site you view thumbnails of different types of graphs that you can select from.


Simply click on a thumbnail to start editing that graph type. You can also choose to view all the graph types and select your desired chart from that list.


With your chart selected, you can enter details for it. These details include data points, graph size, title, style of data, margins, and colors. These options also vary from one graph type to another.


As you select your settings, a preview of the graph on the right pane is update along with a direct URL for it in red.


The same right pane provides you with the direct URL of the graph and embeddable code of the graph. In case you want to embed with the Visualization API, the button at the bottom should be clicked; this opens up the embeddable code in a new window.


In conclusion, Google Image Chart Creator is a must-bookmark tool for everybody who deals with online charts and graphs. But offering such an extensive choice of graphs and customization options, the site has made itself quite a valuable tool.

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