List of Google Chrome KeyBoard Shortcuts

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most widely used browsers. It definitely has a great speed and there are many another points too. Keyboard shortcuts always make word easier for us, so for all of you people who use Google Chrome, I have got the list of Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts. So, here they are.

Google Chrome

CTRL+1: Switch to the tab 1.
CTRL+2: Switch to the tab 2.
CTRL+3: Switch to the tab 3.
CTRL+4: Switch to the tab 4.
CTRL+5: Switch to the tab 5.
CTRL+6: Switch to the tab 6.
CTRL+7: Switch to the tab 7.
CTRL+8: Switch to the tab 8.
CTRL+9: Switch to the last tab.
CTRL+F4: Close current tab or window.
CTRL+TAB: Switch to the next tab.
CTRL+PAGE DOWN: Switch to the next tab.(Same as above)
CTRL+PAGE UP: Switch to the previous tab.
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB: Switch to the previous tab.(Same as above)
CTRL+SHIFT+T: Reopen the last tab that you closed.
CTRL+SHIFT+N: Incognito Window
ALT+F4: Close current window.
CTRL+W: Close current tab or pop-up window.
ALT+HOME: Open your home page.
CTRL+B: Toggle bookmarks display
CTRL+D: Bookmark the current page.
CTRL+F: Open the ‘Find’ box.
CTRL+H: View Browsing History.
CTRL+J: View Downloads.
CTRL+O: Open a file in the browser.
CTRL+P: Print the current page.
CTRL+T: Open a new tab.
SHIFT+ESC: Open Chrome’s internal Task Manager.
SHIFT+F5: Reload the current page, overriding the cache.
F5: Reload the current page.
ESC: Stop the current page from loading.
ALT+Click a link: Download link.
CTRL+PLUS: Make the website larger.
CTRL+MINUS: Make the website smaller.
CTRL+0: Return to default text size.

Those were almost all the Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts, if I have missed some, please share them in the comments. I hope this post was helpful to you. Do comment.