GMDesk: Easily Manage Google Services from your Desktop

gmdesk-1 Google has numerous web services that most of us regularly use. Often we have multiple browser tabs and in each tab we are operating a separate Google service. Here to tidy up things for you and better help manage those services is a great open-source tool called GMDesk.

GMDesk is a freeware for Windows computers. It is based on Adobe AIR hence it is cross-platform.

The program lets you separately manage the Google service you use namely Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Maps, Reader, and Picasa. These services operate in the application just like they would within the browser. But the difference is how you switch between these service: through the “Google applications” menu on top.


Through its simple approach, GMDesk lets you manage your Google services in a more organize manner. Furthermore usage of this freeware will free up some tabs on your web browser.

The program’s preferences let you control the apps to display. You select from the ones given or enter your Google Apps domain.


GMDesk can be downloaded from here.

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