Gmail Priority inbox is Live: How to Set Priority of Emails?

A while back we informed you about Gmail priority inbox feature which will put all important Email at the top so that you will never miss any important Email. Seems like Gmail started rolling out this feature for everyone and I see Gmail priority box icon at the top.

To get started with Gmail priority box, if you see Gmail priority icon at the top click on it and Gmail will reload and Priority inbox will be enabled for your Gmail account. Watch this screenshot:



Once your Gmail will reload it will show your some Emails and you can mark them as important and not important. Remember you will have different link for inbox and Priority Inbox.

How to Prioritize your Emails using Gmail priority Feature?

To mark any Email as important or non important you can go to Email and at the top you can mark them as important or non-important.

You can also select Emails (mass selection) and mark them as important and not important. See screenshots:



Here is final look of Gmail Priority Inbox :


You can also change settings of priority inbox by Going into your settings:


Do try this new Gmail feature and let us know what do you like about it and what do you hate about it?

Just in case if you are using Gmail multiple inbox feature, it will not work with this. Since the view of Gmail priority inbox is different. You need to click on Inbox to see your multiple Inbox which you have set up from settings.

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  1. I don’t see much benefits in this … becoz you already use Labels for prioritizing emails. This just makes the interface a bit confusing. Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t see much use of it.

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