GimmeMusic: The Best Way to Discover New Music

Are you a music lover? Love listening to music? Can’t live without music? I’m sure if you’re such a type of person, then you’d obviously want to listen to new music, instead of listening to the same old tracks over and over again. The process to find new music, new albums, tracks by your favorite bands or new and upcoming bands, is not easy.

You literally have to┬áscavenge the internet in search of new music, then find out if you like them and if they’re of your favorite genre. We all know that people who can’t live without music, like me, are really lazy. So if I’m on a mission to look for new music, the process usually involves asking friends, googling, checking the top lists and etc. At the end, I’m left with about 10 songs. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an app to do all the work for you? Well, there’s an app for that and it’s called GimmeMusic.

GimmeMusic is an iOS application, that is available for free on the App Store, which gives you a new list of songs every day or whenever you launch the app. It doesn’t discover music based on what you like, instead it just gives you a list that has some new songs. If you don’t like a song, you can just swipe to delete it and move on. If you liked a song, you can either listen to it on the app, check out more songs by the artist or buy it from iTunes. So, it’s not going to discover your type of music, but it does discover some nice tracks, I got some slick tunes from Rapture when I first fired it up.

Since this app is free, what it does is really great. You don’t have to pay for streaming songs or anything and you don’t have to manually search for music. The app keeps adding new songs to the list, so you can listen to them and decide yourself. A really useful app for any music lover on the face of the Earth, with an iOS device of course.

Download GimmeMusic now and tell us what you think about it.