GetGlue: A Social Networking Based iPhone/iPad App

GetGlue for iDevices is basically a social networking based App where users can tell their friends about what they are reading, watching, playing or in some instances thinking about.

Just like Foursquare and Gowalla, GetGlue enable users to check that what their Friend’s are upto anytime, moreover users can also leave any kind of a review on any activity that a friend has mentioned and resultantly people can like your comments and status updates.

Signing-up Process

While you are signing up for GetGlue, you can opt for two ways. One is that you can simply create a Get Glue account in a normal way and the other is that you can connect via Facebook. Once you are over with this, then you can start checking in and subscribing to the Feeds of other GetGlue users.

Good news for iPad users as GetGlue has recently launched an iPad and an iPod Touch app and they are also planning to launch an Android based GetGlue App as well. Overall, GetGlue general looks and feel somewhat conforms to Netflix where you can rate things and you will get suggestions based on your ratings.

Rating the stuff

Virtual Stickers

What I find interesting about this App is that as you rate stuff like Movies, TV shows and games and you will be getting virtual stickers based on these ratings. Similarly based on these rating you will also get recommendations that will be ideally tailored according to your taste.

GetGlue is a free app and can be downloaded from the Apple App store. If you want to get some information about this amazing thing that do check