Get Updated on New Music Tunes Everyday with RSS Music Feed services

If you are a music lover and want to discover new music then you will be amazed to see that how many services and music discovery websites are there on the internet that facilitates you in discovering music.

Service like iTunes Mix and YouTube have built-in features that allow users to discover new and latest music. So to make life easier for the music lovers, I have picked out some RSS Music feed services that will let you discover new music from within your RSS Reader without going through the hassle of surfing multiple of websites:

New Album Releases

New Album Releases RSS Feed

New Album Releases is music discovery at its best because it gives you a daily dose of informative posts about the latest and the newest music albums getting released. Each of the posts provides details like artist, genre and style and it even dishes out image of music albums to make the feeds more interesting. Follow this link for the RSS Feed of New Album Release.


ARTISTdirect - RSS feeds for music

This particular site offers feeds for categories like latest music releases, more precisely the site feeds include album release date and price. The information that feeds from ArtistDirect provide is a bit limited but it’s perfect for music lovers who want to know about any updates in music industry in a brief glance. Here is the link for RSS Music feed from ArtistDirect.

I think if you are a music enthusiast eagerly looking out for new music then you should definitely resort to RSS Music Feeds.

Do let us know in comments that how you discover latest music?