Get to Know Everything About your Android Phone with Elixir App

Most of us these days own a smartphone having loads of features, but the dilemma is that we often are unaware of the specs of our portable. If you are not tech savvy then you won’t be aware of the facts like what the exact specifications of your Android phone are, what kind of sensors are there on it or how much RAM it boasts. So if you are curious to know what all does your Android phone packs, then Elixir is the right kind of application for you.

Elixir: App and Widget

What’s unique about Elixir is that it has both the app and Widget components meaning that users can either download a fully fledged application or just make use of the interface as a widget. First let’s have a look at the app:

When you launch the app, first thing that you will see is that the interface encompasses two screen lengths showing all the specs and stats about your Android phone. But this first screen is just the curtain raiser, clicking on any of the entry will take you further deep down.

Elixir interface

The specs list goes on and on and it includes the minutest of details like version incremental or even version codename. Though it seems to be a bit nerdy stuff, if you trying to solve an issue with something like Custom ROM then this information will be quite useful.

Tapping on the battery icon will display details like as follows:

Elixir Battery info

All the things that you want to know about your battery is clearly indicated and illustrated in this screen. Now let’s come over to Sensors Tab, tapping on it will display information about all the sensors installed on your phone.

Elixir sensors

Amazingly they all update in real-time as you toy-around with your phone. For example if I tap on the orientation sensor option, details regarding that will be displayed accordingly.

Lastly is the Running Tab, this tab is further divided into three sub-categories namely Processes, services and tasks.

Elixir running tab

Settings of Elixir is also a pretty comprehensive thing, you can set things like time format or temperature unit. But the thing I like the most is that from Settings on Elixir you can see all the important info about your Android phone right from your status bar. The app offers you “Circle style” or “Bar style” display and choosing any from that eventually lets you view the info in that format.

Elixir Circle interface

Elixir is available as two separate apps from Android Marketplace, that is app itself and a phone’s Personal Add-on. I think it’s an amazing app that will let you explore the potential of your Android powered smartphone.

Do try it out and Let us know that whether it was of any help or not.