G-Mate Dual SIM Bluetooth Kit for iPhone and Android

Imagine you’re travelling out of the country or state and do not want to be tied up with the stupid roaming charges for every call you make or text message you send. You’d obviously want to use a local SIM card and not bear any roaming charges. However, there aren’t many smartphones around that have the feature to¬†accommodate¬†dual SIMs. Though, there are many accessories that will turn your mobile phone into a dual SIM one, not many of them are easy on your devices.

Here’s a product by the makers of the Rebel SIM, that wirelessly adds another SIM to your smartphone. Yes, the G-Mate Dual SIM Bluetooth kit enables your device to have a second SIM and use all it’s features without having to switch SIM cards. The best part, it works on both iPhone and Android devices. Since it works over an active bluetooth connection, it works perfectly on both iOS and Android. A second SIM card is really going to boost your smartphones performance as you can use it for it’s 3G access or when you’re out of credit on one or the other just stops working.

You will however, need to jailbreak your iOS device and install a certain app for the G-Mate Dual SIM to pair with your device. Once, both are paired you can launch the app and use it’s interface to sync all your contacts so that you can use the second SIM right away, and that too over your first SIM. For more instructions on how to set the whole thing up, follow the instructions over at Rebel SIM. You can also watch this video to see it in action.

The same goes for almost all the Android mobile devices that have Bluetooth. You can also use this on tablets and iPad. Now, this is where I’ll be talking about the price of the G-Mate Dual SIM Bluetooth Kit, which is not cheap. It’ll cost you about $110. If you believe you need this very badly, then you can order yourself one from over here.