Free Nature Sounds: A Website to Hear Natural Sounds And Download Them Easily

In the fast moving world, we miss the essence of nature in our daily life. People love to visit sea beaches or spend holiday at Jungle safari just to enjoy the charm of nature. We can’t enjoy the nature in our home but one thing we can do is hear its sound with the help of a tool known as Free Nature Sounds.

It is an amazing tool by which you can compose new sound effects after mixing different sounds. Different sounds are available such as beach, fire, rain, bird, thunderstorm, waterfall, and many more.


You can use this tool to listen natural sounds on your headphones or you can create a natural environment in your room by playing it on your speaker (buy aquarium, some fishes and room plants).

How to play the sound

You’ll see four drop down boxes and sliders which is initially set to 20%. You have to pick a sound from the first drop down. There are various categories available for sounds such as Popular, nature, animals and others.

Choose your favorite sound and slide the slider to increase the sound. Similarly you can play sounds from other drop downs and make a mixture of various sounds. Also you can add stereo effects by panning channels to the left or right.

How to share and download the sound

After creating the composition, click on the “save as link” button given below. It will ask your details. After entering details and clicking on save button, it will generate a unique URL. You can share this URL among your friends via social network. There are many social media button available to share the composition quickly.


To download the video, click on the “Export To File” button. After processing, save button will appear by which you can save the file on your computer in WAV format.

Visit Free Nature Sounds.

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  1. Awesome find 🙂 I am writing this comment while listening to rain drops, birds, frogs and tribal drums :D… Thanks for sharing..

  2. Cool app. I will bookmark this site ;). When I’m stress mediation really helps me to relax with a soothing music from nature.

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