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This has been one of the most awaited Music Apps for listeners of Hindi Bollywood and Pop songs. There have been so many radio channels which stream English songs like AOL Radio and Pandora earlier but none of this kind which has Hindi songs from Bollywood. Desi Music brings you latest releases, remixes, live radios and much more. Grab it from the App Store while its free.

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Desi Music features a vast collection of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam songs which you can listen to for free. I was really surprised by the quality of this app given that it’s a free app. Now I don’t need to download Bollywood Songs. I can listen to them whenever I want to while on the go. Let’s look at the other features of Desi Music iPhone app.

Top 10 Songs at your fingertips


The latest songs from your selected language will be listed. You can play one or all of them at once. As you can see we have listed Top 10 Hindi Songs in the above screenshot. The language can be changed from Hindi to something else by tapping the button in top left corner.

iOS 4 Multitasking Features


Desi Music will keep streaming songs even in the background just like other popular iPhone Music apps. You can continue using any other app while you listen to free songs. Also, the songs can be paused or skipped from the minimized state or lock screen.

Categories and Music Search

The songs are placed into various categories like Pop, Remix, Ghazals, Oldies, Bhangra etc. for easy browsing. Alternatively, you can search by Artist name, Album or Song Title.

Album Info and Lyrics Viewer


The Songs display the Album art and other information like Movie’s name, Cast, Year etc. The interface is similar to that of iPod. It may not be as good but very close to perfect. Also featured is a full Lyrics viewer right inside the app.

The app is supported by ads which appear near the top of the screen. The ads are very un-obstructive I think and the best part is that if you click on any ad you are not taken to the Safari browser, but the ad opens up right within the app itself.

Song Rating & Facebook Connect

Share your favorite bollywood songs easily with Facebook friends. The Songs can be rated too on a scale of five. The addition of social features is pretty nice.

Our Verdict

This is a must have app for all fans of Bollywood Songs and Music both from India as well as abroad. We really love the interface and integration of so many other features right within the app.

We would rate this iPhone app at 4.5/5. We would want a few things fixed in the future updates such as displaying song’s title during lock screen or minimized state.

Download Desi Music from App Store here. The app may not stay free for long so do grab it soon. You can read more about the Desi Music app on its homepage.

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  1. Agree 100% with this review. Desi Music iPhone app is truly a gem for Indian music lovers. You did not mention the option they have to Buy from iTunes which is one more great feature. Now we can instantly buy the song or album we like from link provided in Player of this app. Hats off to the developers of this wonderful app!!!!

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