FontFonter: Check How Websites Look in Web Safe Fonts

How many of you know that there are some fonts which are not safe to use? The benefit of safe fonts are they are easier to read, compatible with all the browsers and devices and looks good. There is a tool known as Fontfonter that lets you watch websites with Web FontFonts (Web FontFonts are special kind of fonts that are optimized by hand for the screen). FontFonter lets you preview websites in WebFontFonts.

One reason to use Web FontFonts is they work in every major browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE in Mac or Windows. They also work on iPads and iPhones.


To get started with the tool , type the web address of any website or blog and press “FontFont it!” button. It will process the website and displays the website along with the yellow toolbar. You can replace San serifs and Serifs fonts  with the available safe fonts.


This site doesn’t support JavaScript, cookies, mobile browsers, Opera and Internet Explorer. So it is not possible to analyze each websites.

Overall it is fun and easier for developers to change and preview the safe fonts one by one on their projects. It analyzes the site very fast and has a very simple interface.

Visit FontFonter and check websites in web safe fonts.