FlipOver: Mute/Lock Your iDevice When You Flip It

Jailbreaking your iDevice, although it’s considered illegal and stuff, can sometimes be very useful since you’re iDevice becomes more customizable. Apple wants you to do things their way, providing limitations for everything. Jailbreaking lets your iDevice out the Jail and exposes it to a ton of extra and awesome feature. Recently the Celeste App was released, providing the long awaited Bluetooth sharing functionality with everyone.

Here’s another app that brings a really useful functionality to your iOS device. It’s called FlipOver and it brings that HTC like functionality, which lets you mute or lock your idevice when you turn it over. As soon as you turn it back over, your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will un-mute and unlock automatically.

That’s a really nice functionality yet again added to your favorite iDevice by means of Cydia. And the procedure isn’t hard either, you don’t have to add any repo or anything and there won’t be any extra icons on your homescreen. All you have to do is open Cydia and then go to the search box and type in FlipOver.

Once installed, after paying $0.99, go to the settings folder and enable the only two options Mute or Lock under the FlipOver tab. You can see how it’s done in the video after the break. You’ll also get to adjust the sensitivity and the refresh rates to tell your iDevice at what angle to mute/lock it.

You’ll need to Jailbreak your device and it’ll have to be running on iOS 4.0 or above to make use of this app.

What do you think of this app? Tell us if you use any other useful Cydia apps like this.