Flickriver: An interesting and Fun way to browse through Flickr

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Flickr has always been the go-to site for photographers. While most other photo sharing sites such as Facebook, Picasaweb etc are more about regular users sharing their photos with their friends and families, Flickr has always concentrated on the amateur or professional photographers.

The site offers excellent forums where one can learn a lot about the art of photography from professional who’ve been in this field for many years.

The only problem with Flickr is that it hasn’t really kept up with the times in terms of providing a nice way to browse the millions of excellent photographs that are uploaded to the website everyday. Flickriver solves that problem.

Flickriver uses the flickr API to display photographs in a “River of news” format. What that means is that the photographs are displayed in an endless scroll. As you keep scrolling through the page, more photographs are displayed at the bottom of the page and you never have to refresh the page for loading more pictures.

The default view is of the “Interesting Today” collection from flickr that is a curated set of interesting pictures of the day. If you’re just looking to browse through some nice photographs, this is what you want.

But, that is not the only view that you get, You can also search for specific pictures by users, tags other criterion and spend endless hours just browsing through the excellent photos.

Flickriver is an excellent way to see pictures and it really improves and puts the fun back in the otherwise boring view that flickr itself provides.

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